After the Anteroom

After the Anteroom is an experiment which tries to describe and uncover two theoretical spaces within two chapters by the use of photographies, scans of earlier sketches and texts. Archivally and at the same time almost poetically, the project – that is an artist’s book and varying photo installations – deals with the state of being „in the closet“ and moments between identities and body.

photo installation and artist’s book, 2015
installation (varying): 5-8 Inkjet-Prints, partly behind glass, black felt pen on wall, ca. 1,5m x 2m
book: 90 pages, 18cm x 23,5 cm, scans, photographies, Texts in German and English


Beckett, Samuel: Wie es ist. Comment C‘est. Frankfurt/ Main: Suhrkamp, 1961.


after graphite and before grainy cyan relentlessly I can barely see my shaking hands in a milky white from here to touches as one wall fades to bend me over so I lose the concept of clarity as it offers a strobo-lighted moment for the question where I stand spaces become negotiable after the anteroom I am trying to refuse every language that coordinates my thoughts failing I want to lick at every face in dark rooms as long as I don’t taste marked corners identities become reflectable (Variation I)