The Conference

performative workshop, 2017
video loops on flat screen TVs, Powerpoint presentation, sparkling wine, paper
approx. 60 minutes

In „The Conference“ a fictional art consultancy „Cunt-Sultancy“ is presented that specializes in collecting, marketing and promoting queer contemporary art. Participants are welcomed with sparkling wine and are assigned new identities from affiliated art institutions. After a Powerpoint presentation on sustainable investment and financial rating schemes on minoritarian art, participants are asked to critically evaluate the their identity by Cunt-Sultancy’s quality assurance, and partake in an abrupt ending with „an unsettling dance of seduction, power, trust, tenderness, loss, and betrayal“ (Liu, Andrea: Top Ten Words I Am Sick of Seeing on Artists Statements, 2012), i.e. physically interaction with art objects and their own bodies parts. We thank you for your interest in our institution and wish you all the best for your future endeavors.


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