We find ourselves in between the spaces of fiction and reality.
A deserted environment is where a handful of characters seem to be trapped in loops. In a futuristic episode, agents of Gilead Sciences Inc., a global pharmaceutic company, are presenting their newest breakthroughs in antiretroviral therapy and viral reproduction technology.

From ammonites to humans, images and viruses, power incorporates collective bodies, if it wants to keep its continuity. The company’s drugs are not what boost their increases but medical dependence, patents and speculations. Between two genres, Ammonite alternates its language between the absurd and the factual, video art specifics and marketing aesthetics, research and poetry elements. We hear jokes without laughter and dialogues without response. The course of time has split off, and life itself suddenly appears as a chronic condition.

1-channel video installation, 2018
15′, Full-HD, 16:9, stereo-sound, color
projector on tripod, Truvada® cushions (foam, cotton)

Installation view

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