A relatively simple ritual

In 1981, cases of rare lung infections and unusually aggressive cancer were found in young men. As the AIDS crisis started with reported 270 cases of severe immune deficiency among gay men by the end of the year, sate governments seemed to be busy competing on imperializing outer space. While Voyager II finished its mission observing Saturn it also carried recorded fragments of Western life with it, to be found and decoded by potential alien life forms.

Anti biota uses original historic footage as well as current private video fragments from the artist to encounter aesthetics of politics that seem to have conserved a much more fundamental problem than the mere problematic representation of gay men as subjects of the AIDS crisis. What is explored here is not the unknown territory that seeks to be claimed, but what seems to have been lost along the way: bodily desire.

Anti Biota

1-channel video installation, 2018
13′, PAL, 4:3, stereo-sound, color
Steel, clay, cotton, spandex

Does This Look Like Fun to You?

Inkjet Print, 2018
60 x 84 cm

Pseudosonneratia cephalopodis gileadensis

Inkjet Print, 2018
42 x 60 cm

Installation view